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Ignition Poker Review 2024

Introduction – Ignition Poker is a name that hasn’t been out there for quite as long as some of the competition, but they’re a very important name, especially for US players. In the third/fourth quarter of 2016, they gradually took over the player pool for Bovada Poker after having purchased the company outright. While this might seem like a pretty big deal, they actually use the same software and have the same interface overall. Since all player account details were transferred over directly, it didn’t change hardly anything for the players there, and there was a minimal amount of fuss for them in the migration process.

Is Ignition Poker Room Legitimate? Yes

Players who are looking to get in on the action with online poker know that they need a site they can count on. This includes having games running 24/7 and solid promotions, but it also includes the site being legitimate overall as far as safety, security and reliability go. Playing with a poker room that you can’t count on doesn’t make any sense, but Ignition Poker has you covered.

Here Are The Reasons We Believe Ignition Poker is Legit

1. After purchasing Bovada Poker, they’re the single-largest US-facing online poker site. There is no other site with more players on more of the time than them.

2. They are licensed for operation from Kahnawake, one of the most respected jurisdictions in the industry. This regulatory body is very strict about how they enforce their rules and policies.

3. In the time that they have been in operation, they’ve shown that they can be trusted with fast, reliable withdrawals. This is critical for US players, many of which are still facing the aftermath of the banking regulations that hurt the industry in 2006, even though the DOJ issued an explicit statement 2011 that they weren’t supposed to apply to online poker.

4. This poker room is operated by Lynton Limited, a company that has a good reputation for taking care of their players. This is not the only operation they run, and they’ve proven themselves repeatedly.

Is Ignition Poker Site Safe?

The software that you use to connect and play with Ignition Poker is designed from the ground up for safety. If you’ve been around the online poker industry for the past decade, then you probably remember some of the “superuser” scandals that came out of the now defunct Absolute Poker and UltimateBet. This poker room is different because their software has been completely audited to make sure that no “funny business” is happening (and continues to be audited on a regular basis).

Since your connection is protected by a high-level SSL encryption, the same type of encryption used to protect online customers of financial institutions and banks, it’s clear that your personal information, your financial details and the cards that are in your virtual hand are all safe from prying eyes.

Is Ignition Poker Legal in the US?

There is no federal law that makes playing online poker at Ignition Poker illegal. As we mentioned above, the UIGEA in 2006 created some banking regulations that made it difficult for some players to connect and play, but the Department of Justice made it very clear in 2011 that this did not apply to online poker. The UIGEA also stated very clearly in the actual language of the bill that it did not affect the legality of any type of online gambling. Some states have their own laws about gambling, but the US as a whole does not make playing at Ignition Poker illegal.

Ignition Poker Welcome Bonus

When you make your first deposit at Ignition Poker, you’ll automatically get a 100 percent match bonus worth up to $100. You have 30 days to clear your bonus, and you’ll clear it based on poker points that you earn in real money games. It’s released in up to four portions: $5 for 15 points, $20 for 85, $25 for 185 and $50 for 400. You only need 400 poker points to clear the entire bonus, which is easily doable in 30 days, even at low stakes games.

Ongoing Promotions

A total of over $2 million in guaranteed prize pools are available at Ignition Poker each week, which means that tournament players will have a lot of opportunities for overlays. There’s also a special royal flush bonus where, if you get a royal that uses both of your pocket cards in a hold’em game, then you’ll be rewarded an extra 50 big blinds worth up to an extra $200. You do have to win the pot, but the hand does not have to go to showdown, and it has to happen in a cash game.

If you lose with a bad beat where both of your pocket cards are used with at least three players dealt into the hand, and you lose to four of a kind or better with aces full of kings or better, then you’ll get a bonus worth 100 times the big blind for the game you’re in, worth up to $1,000. Finally, players earn poker points on every real money game they play, and you can convert these directly to cash. This is a cool way to add value without a complicated bonus system, and all you have to do to earn is play your favorite real money games, which are games that you’d be playing anyway.

Game Selection

There are a few main divisions of games at Ignition Poker. First off, you have the division between cash games and tournaments. Their cash game selection includes both traditional cash games and their version of speed poker called Zone Poker, which allows you to fold a hand and immediately be dealt another right away by switching out players to randomly build new tables for each individual hand. For tournaments, they offer both sit-and-go and traditional multi-table tournaments as well, and since they come in at a variety of stakes, you’ll have no problem finding something that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

For hold’em, there are both fixed-limit and no-limit games. For Omaha, the division is a little different because of the nature of the game. You’ll find fixed-limit Omaha eight or better (hi/lo) games, but you’ll also find pot-limit Omaha (to a high only) games as well. These are the most popular types of poker running today, and they have been for well over a decade, which is something that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change any time soon.

Security Features and Anonymous Play

There are some pretty cool features at Ignition Poker that help to protect you. One of the features is the fact that all of their tables are anonymous in nature. This protects you from data-mining and other shady software that can analyze every statistical variable in your game to give players an ethically unclear advantage. Along with that, they have a strong security team that’s always monitoring log-in patterns and other information to pro actively keep people from gaining unauthorized access to your account. This is a great way to give players peace of mind when playing.

Banking and Cashier

Players will have a few different options for deposits and withdrawals here. First and foremost, they offer bitcoin as a banking option, which is extremely secure and anonymous. Other more traditional methods like credit cards and bank wire transfers are available as well. They have a good history of paying out when players request, and they have never had scandals or other shady behavior like delaying cash outs for no good reason.


Ignition Poker is as legitimate as they come, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a US-friendly online poker room that takes safety and security more seriously. They have a very active security team, a strong license, a backing company with a good reputation, and a reliable history of cashing players out. With their flexible promotions and bonus options, you’ll also never have to worry about getting less value than you deserve. Overall, this is a great option to play, no matter if you prefer cash games or tournaments, hold’em or Omaha.